AI Powered Website Solutions

Intelligent Technology Solutions & Services to help you achieve better outcomes

Introducing ______

Web Solutions​

Aadi Infotech is an AI based Website Development Company. We provide a brand new way for creating sites with the power of AI(Artificial Intelligence). Integrating 24/7 Automated assistants for your website to increase the sales and leads. We Design beautifully crafted enterprise grade websites that perform for your Business.

Experts in ____

AI based Chat Solutions

Customer Support

Providing Intelligent Customer Support Chatbots which proactively interact with the Users on behalf of your Business.

Lead Generation

Designing Chatbots specifically for Lead generation to increase the Business lead and sales 24/7.


Highly productive E-commerce Chatbots which automate the purchase process on your shopping website.

Multi Platform

Apart from website, Chatbots can reside all the major Social Media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype etc.

How we Do it ______

Smart Development Process

Step 1


Comprehending Client's requirement. Proposing Solutions.

Step 2


Blueprint Structure. Wireframing each screen. Designing the Website.

Step 3


Coding the Web pages. Creating Layout with the main sections of the page.

Step 4

Final Launch

Deploying the Finalized Website to the AI based Cloud server.

What we've Done ____


We Provide _____

Smart Web Solutions

Website Development

Our proven smart, creative and unprecedented website design services speak of your brand.

Chatbot Development

We’ll plan and develop custom unique AI powered Smart Chat integrated with your Website.

Mobile App Development

Functional and high performing apps through our Smart and Effective Mobile Development services.

Digital Marketing

Make more customers fall for you with our well planned and result oriented strategized marketing.

Robotic Process Automation

Automating Business processes and liberating people using a sophisticated digital workforce.

Domain and Hosting

Setting up AI based Cloud Server which provides High scalability & reliability for all your web application requirements.

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